About Us

We are a small company based in Miami that is dedicated to the installation and preparation of excellent flooring for the community with more than 5 years of experience in the market. We are here to serve you.

Installation of wood floors

We work with the best quality of materials and we provide you with the best service.

In the installation of hardwood floors we focus on both hardwood and engineered hardwood floors. We are prepared with enough experience to overcome any problem that we find in your home, be it humidity or deterioration of old wood. We are here to help you and propose a solution that is as durable and economical as possible.


Laminate floors

Transparent protective layer resistant to abrasion (wear and tear), thanks to its treatment with aluminum oxide.
Resin-impregnated patterned layer, made of high-density wood fiber (HDF), on which a wood film is printed. Center very resistant to impact and pressure, made of wood fiber. Bottom made of melamine impregnated with resins to give the floor dimensional stability.

Luxury vinyl Tile floors (LVT)

They are a type of PVC flooring that has a natural look of wood or stone in different shades and styles. Like other vinyl floors, this product comes in different sizes, presentations and textures that give you the opportunity to creatively design the floor decoration of any area of ​​your home or workspace, as it allows you to easily combine textures to create unique designs. LVT flooring is manufactured from different layers of PVC that provide the stability to be installed on smooth surfaces, but which also makes it highly resistant to friction, while remaining flexible to facilitate the entire installation process. In addition to the structural layers, it has a superior protection layer that gives it the natural and realistic texture and appearance that we seek, which, in addition to giving it a very striking appearance, protects it from damage that may be caused by the wear and tear of the day. a day.

Learn about the benefits of installing laminate flooring

Easy maintenance. They retain their shine over time. Resistant to wear and scratches, mainly to the wheels of swivel chairs. The same flooring can be installed and reinstalled from one space to another. Variety of styles for all types of traffic. It is highly resistant to cigarette burns. Made with natural and renewable raw materials. Immune to stains, dirt and bacteria. Immediate availability.

Our jobs

We carry out our work with the best dedication, experience, effort and love that characterizes us and some results can be appreciated by yourself.

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